25 Creative Ways To Use and Store Items

Boxes, baskets and bins, oh my! With such an array of containers to contain our stuff, we really have no excuse to clutter up our spaces, do we?

I totally understand that this is easier said than done for some people. That’s usually because, often times, it just comes down to not knowing how to use what we already have to get organized. Sometimes, we just need a little guidance or a little inspiration to get us going. So, that’s what you’ll get here!

Types of Storage Containers

As I mentioned, containers have one sole purpose in life – to contain or hold things. No rocket-science needed for that bit of knowledge! The idea here is to find creative uses to store “like-items” (items that are alike, or in same category of).

This can be done using:

  • plastic holders
  • decorative baskets
  • storage bins
  • jars or bottles
  • cans
  • boxes or crates
  • cartons
  • buckets
  • chest or old suitcase

Basically, it’s ANYTHING that holds a physical object.

And now that we know this, let’s SEE all the different ways to use them! I’ve compiled 25 of my favorite creative uses of these containers from my “Stylish Home Organization” Pinterest board (in no particular order):

Plastic containers. From Pinterest


Drawer containers. From Pinterest

Craft armoire storage. From Pinterest


Wire baskets. From Pinterest


Canvas bins. From Pinterest

Pantry storage. From Pinterest

Fridge bins. From Pinterest

Fridge containers. From Pinterest

Magnetic boxes. From Pinterest

Decorative boxes. From Pinterest

Labeled jars. From Pinterest

Waste basket on wheels. From Pinterest

Craft room plastic containers. From Pinterest

Plastic mag holders. From Pinterest

Canvas bins with labels. From Pinterest

Basket with dividers. From Pinterest

Basket tray. From Pinterest

Basket for folders. From Pinterest

Basket for cutting boards. From Pinterest

Baskets for bathroom. From Pinterest

Baskets and jars. From Pinterest

Decorative bin for guest bath. From Pinterest

Bins in linen closet. From Pinterest

Box on wheels under bed. From Pinterest

Compartmental plastic storage box. From Pinterest

Leave a comment with your favorite creative storage ideas!






  1. Hi Cindi: I just ordered your video…I can’t wait to get it – I am a clutter bug but cannot take it ANYMORE! :) I am very inspired about getting organized just from reading and looking at these wonderful photo’s of nice clean organized environments. I’ll let you know how it goes once I get the video…I’m inspired and thanks for helping those of us that need some direction in this area… :)

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