10 Ways A Professional Organizer Changes Someone’s Life

LR01 As a professional organizer since 1994, I've seen incredible results with clients whose lives are transformed after order is established. It's one of those benefits of this profession that make it all worthwhile, no matter how laborious it can sometimes be! This is an article I wrote about professional organizers and how they make a difference in people's lives. "The rewards of the professional organizing profession are numerous and professional organizers are often called "miracle workers" after they put order in." [Source: 10 Ways A Professional Organizer Changes Someone's Life]

HandyGirl Advice Featured In LA Times

i-have-too-much-stuff In a recent article published in LA Times and Chicago Tribune, it features my advice on cutting clutter out of your life. It is titled, "Lose it: declutter your way to an organized, happier you". Here is an excerpt of this article:
No matter how it all got there, reducing the stuff of life is not an easy task, but it is a necessary one.

Even if there are no plans to downsize, getting rid of clutter is always a good idea says professional organizer Cyndi Seidler, founder of HandyGirl Organizers and The Organizing Lady, two Los Angeles based firms specializing in dealing with the "stuff."