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10 Ways A Professional Organizer Changes Someone’s Life

As a professional organizer since 1994, I’ve seen incredible results with clients whose lives are transformed after order is established. It’s one of those benefits of this profession that make it all worthwhile, no matter how laborious it can sometimes be!

This is an article I wrote about professional organizers and how they make a difference in people’s lives.

The rewards of the professional organizing profession are numerous and professional organizers are often called “miracle workers” after they put order in.

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The reason I wrote this was to show my students starting out in this career how much of a difference they will be making for people. That’s why it is posted on the Professional Organizer Academy site.

But I realized it is also something that others should know – that the expertise of a professional organizer is something they can count on to help them improve their situation or lifestyle. And that’s why I’m sharing this with you here.

Happy organizing!
Cyndi Seidler

De-cluttering Garage The Fun Way

On a recent garage organizing project, we we able to catch one of our professional organizers Molly Hewell at work with a client.

Watch the garage organization video and see that it is not as difficult a task as you might think, if done with others and if you know how to tackle it!

As you’ll see, there is a “Keep” area, a “Sell” area, and a sorting area. What the client doesn’t sell, she will donate. The sorting area are bins of papers to sort later after garage items are placed back inside in a designated “home” spot or zone for them.

How do you tackle organizing a garage?