I recently wrote an article for The Organized Home Club called “Creative & Decorative Organizing Solutions” that shows how to store stuff in decorative ways.

In the article, there are pictures taken from around my own house showing the various ways I use decorative storage solutions to store certain items in that I want handy. I wanted to share some of these here so you can see how creative we can get!

For instance, I love books around, and use these fake books (often mixed with real books) to store stuff in. Some open up as a box, and others open out as stacking drawers.


With an abundance of decorative shelf baskets in stores these days, it has allowed us to create a more pleasant appearance in our spaces. Wicker and canvas baskets are the most popular, and come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.


Then, there’s those decorative old small luggage cases. I use these to hide away and store items that I don’t have storage room for, and also want to keep handy (nearby).


There are so many creative storage solutions, and we only need to look around at what we already have, or what you see in a store while you’re out shopping.

For other ideas, read “Creative & Decorative Organizing Solutions” and see if this sparks ideas for you!