In the news tells how Jennifer Aniston is selling her Beverly Hills mansion to get rid of clutter and get a fresh start in a new place in New York.

The pad is on the market for a whopping $42 million. Aniston bought the property in 2006 for $13.5 million.

But Aniston insists she isn’t offloading the property because she’s short of cash — she’s desperate to de-clutter.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she explains, “and I sort of had one of those moments where I went, I really need to simplify. My life needs to be simplified … clear out the clutter. And along with that thought came, ‘I should sell my house’.

“I had the realization that this is just too much for me. I’m not this person.”

Read full article “Jennifer Aniston Wants to De-Clutter Her Life“.

We wrote about a similar story where a couple moved to a small apartment in a effort to minimize their clutter in “How A Couple Went From Messy To Minimalists“.

It seems the new vogue in dealing with clutter is to move! Well, I must admit, it certainly gave me a fresh start too, and I didn’t have clutter! It was just chance to sort through my stuff and re-evaluate it. And, that’s always a good thing :)

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