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California Closets Encourages Homeowners to Get Organized During National Spring Cleaning Week

New Survey Conducted by California Closets Finds Better Home Organization Alleviates Disorganization Frustration

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., March 22, 2011 — It’s National Spring Cleaning Week and California Closets®, the leader in custom home storage solutions and an authority in design, encourages homeowners everywhere to take part in this week as a way to de-clutter their homes and ultimately relieve stress in their day-to-day lives.

A recent California Closets’ survey of homeowners revealed people have the desire to get organized, but don’t know what direction to take to achieve effective and lasting results.  In fact, 38 percent of women said that after organizing their closet on their own, it only stays organized for three months. By taking just a few small steps during National Spring Cleaning Week, it’s possible to make lasting changes that will free up time to enjoy the months ahead.

“True organization is both an art and a science. If you merely neaten, clutter will return a month later; do it right, and you’ll have organizational bliss,” said Ginny Snook Scott, California Closets chief organization officer.  “National Spring Cleaning Week is a great motivator to reclaim your home from the lingering mess. Best of all, you’re not in it alone.  In our survey, we found more than half the women have ‘getting organized’ on their to-do list, and we want to remind them this is the week to get it done.”

Understand the Chaos

Many people are fearful of being labeled as ”hoarders”, as seen on reality shows, but the majority of women (53%) are actually defined as “sentimentalists”—they have a hard time letting go of anything memorable, from concert tickets to kids’ art to favorite clothing items that no longer fit.  The best answer is not trash bags, but better organization systems; there should be a perfect home for everything in your home.  True organization can save four weeks a year from looking for things and will ultimately lead to less stress.  Our survey confirmed this; in fact, 43% of women said better organization would improve their life by making them feel relaxed and in control.

Take Control of Your Living Space

According to the California Closets’ survey, women were split with what they wanted most organized.  While the clothes closet was the most popular space among women (28%), the kitchen pantry (26%) was a close second and the home office (22%) was also not far behind. Not surprisingly, most men (34%) are interested in organizing the garage before other parts of the house.  No matter where organization begins—tackling spring cleaning room by room or drawer by drawer—reality will eventually match your imagination.

Getting Started

Customized storage solutions immediately create better living situations with great emotional benefits. However, there are some basic tips and tricks that are easy to incorporate, no matter the space:

  • Bedroom Closet: When organizing a clothes closet, place hangers in backwards and return items to the closet with the hanger facing forward.  After six months, remove clothing that has not been worn and store elsewhere or give to charity.
  • Home Office: Create and appropriately label hanging files that can be easily accessed to store receipts, bills, recipes and other loose papers to avoid unwanted accumulation of paper on desks and counters.
  • Kitchen: Store canned goods and spices on their side in drawers to prevent the “food museum” in the back of the cabinet.  This also helps avoid purchasing duplicates of foods and spices that were lost in the back.
  • Kid’s room: Make sure rods and shelving are low enough to reach; an adjustable system will change along with the child’s needs as they grow.
  • Garage: Use containers, racks, baskets and wall hooks to keep garage contents off the floor for safety and easy access.

Add Value Now

Most people don’t realize that a clutter-free home means a better valued home.  Potential home buyers are serious about storage space, with over half (53%) wanting a walk-in closet in the master suite.  95 percent of respondents said closet space is either important or very important when looking for a home.  And, custom organization solutions not only solve today’s disorganization frustration but are an investment that adds to a home’s resale value when the time comes to sell.

For more spring cleaning tips and information on our survey, visit the California Closets Blog.

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