Since it’s Spring, it seems like a good time to take a look at preparing your guest room for those loved ones who are planning to come visit you during their Spring or Summer vacations.

Sure, that spare room allocated for guests is probably almost-ready-to-go, so to speak, but maybe it can be enchanted with a little creativity. What I mean is, you could possibly go with a certain theme for the room to give it some pazazz, like I did with my now “Hollywood Room”.

My guests love all the various Hollywood paraphernalia I added in the room. From vintage movie posters on the walls to collectible decor items to coffee-table movie books, they all give a cohesive style and feeling to the room.

Of course, I keep a set of clean bed linens, extra blankets, some guest towels, and a new bar of soap around for them too. And, for that extra touch, you could even add a mint on the pillow, just like a fancy hotel!

All of these efforts into creating a unique setting will tell your visitors that you care, that they are special and deserve special treatment. There’s a degree of joy in creating that effect, I promise you.

Happy creations! And, if you do something like this, or have already done it, please share photos in your comments!

Here are my photos …